Dayna Grayson

Partner, NEA


Dayna Grayson is a Partner at NEA and focuses broadly on the overlap between business and consumer behaviors, which drives new product adoption in the enterprise. Dayna has a number of investments in industrial IOT and manufacturing tech sectors, reaching into disruptions in everything from the shop floor to the product design process. Dayna is a Director of Desktop Metal, OnShape, Curalate, Framebridge, Glamsquad, and Upskill. Dayna founded the NEA Studio in 2013 where entrepreneurs with non-traditional backgrounds, such as design, work in residence with NEA, and she also runs NEA’s seed fund. Prior becoming a VC, she spent many years as a product designer and companies such as Blackbaud [NASDAQ: BLKB], the leading global provider of software to nonprofit organizations. Dayna has a BS from the University of Virginia in Systems Engineering and an MBA from Harvard Business School.